The Law Office of Udenwagu & Associates is a full service Law Firm with a sustained professional passion to serve the immigrant on the path to responsible citizenship. Our experience and continued success stem from our professional edge and a thorough understanding of the intricacies of Immigration practice.

We are well experienced – not just because of how long we have been here but also about the measure and quality of service we provide. We are Houston’s leading all Immigration law practice because of our success edge. We are well versed in the major fields of immigration practice – Immigration Court Representation, Visa Application, Permanent Residency Status services – based on Political, Family or Employment reasons.

We are Houston’s hub for everything immigration – from Deportation Proceedings in Immigration Court, Deportation of Illegal aliens, Deportation of permanent residents with serious criminal record, Deportation of aliens who overstayed their visas, deportation of asylum applicants who are already in immigration courts. The quality of professional representation and the wealth of experience we bring into every case is unparalleled.

We have an operational approach with which we put a wealth of experience and resources at your disposal while maintaining your individuality and the uniqueness of your goals and dreams. As deemed necessary professionally, we are favorably disposed to help you with your immigration issues. Each case is however treated with it’s own weight of applicable individual merit. We offer professional service and representation with a deep sense of understanding of your dreams.